103 BEST Relationship Cheating Quotes for Him, Her & Karma

Many Cheating Quotes have been said over the years. Some are well-known, while others are more obscure. Though there is no one answer to why people cheat, it’s important to remember that cheating is not a victimless act. It can often lead to feelings of hurt and betrayal, and it can damage relationships. If you’re considering cheating, it’s important to weigh the potential consequences before you make any decisions.

Here are many different Cheating Quotes that we collected for you. Some of these quotes are from famous people, while others are from anonymous sources. However, all of these quotes have one thing in common: they all offer some insight into the cheating experience.

These Cheating Quotes can be helpful for many different people. For example, if you are considering cheating on your partner, reading these quotes can help you to understand the potential consequences of your actions. Additionally, if you have already cheated on someone, these quotes can provide some solace and understanding. Finally, if you are simply interested in learning more about the cheating experience, these Cheating Quotes can be a helpful starting point.

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Cheating Quotes

Cheating Quotes can show you the consequences of cheating. They offer a glimpse into the mind of someone who has cheated on their partner. While some of these quotes may be negative, others offer a more positive view of cheating. Either way, these quotes can offer valuable insight into the minds of those who have cheated on their partners. If you are considering cheating on your partner, then reading these Cheating Quotes may help you to understand what you are thinking and feeling.

“Cheating is easy, try something more challenging like being faithful.”

Cheating Quotes

“The more you defend a lie, the angrier you become.” – Mitch Albom

“Not that you lied to me but that I no longer believe you have shaken me.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

“Cheaters don’t think cheating is wrong until they get cheated on.” – Sonya Parker

emotional cheating quotes

“It was a mistake,’ you said. But the cruel thing was, it felt like the mistake was mine, for trusting you.” – David Levithan

“Never argue with someone who believes their own lies.”

“Any affair, by its very nature, is quite dysfunctional.” – Rebekah Brooks

“Cheating was easy but impossible to take back.” – Dean Osborne

text cheating quotes

“No matter how badly people treat you, never drop down to their level, just know you’re better and walk away.”

“Next to hurting my family, cheating on me is the worst thing someone could do.” – Robert Buckley

“One lie is enough to question all the truth.” – Samaira Ansari

“Being single is better than being lied to, cheated on, and disrespected.”

cheating quotes

“I am learning to love the sound of my feet walking away from things not meant for me.”

“Stop asking me to trust you while I’m still coughing up water from the last time you let me drown.”

“Cheating on a good person is like throwing away a diamond and picking up a rock.”

cheating quotes in English

“Anything is better than lies and deceit.” – Leo Tolstoy

“They didn’t cheat because of who you are. They chose to cheat because of who they are not.” – Charles J. Orlando

“A man can love you from the bottom of his heart, and still find room at the top for somebody he claimed was nobody.” – Kiki Strack

“Most people cheat because they’re paying more attention to what they’re missing rather than what they have.”

lying and cheating quotes

“Cheating only thrills those who cannot see the beauty in faithfulness.” – Michael Bassey Johnson

“No woman could love a cheater and not pay the price for it.” – Rose Wynters

“Cheaters always want you to be Loyal while they’re Being.”

cheating quotes

“You didn’t just cheat on me; you cheated on us. You didn’t just break my heart; you broke our future.” – Steve Maraboli

“Cheating is a choice, not a mistake.”

Relationship Cheating Quotes

There are a lot of different reasons to cheat in a relationship. Some people cheat emotionally, while others cheat physically. And while there are a lot of different Relationship Cheating Quotes, some people feel that cheating is never okay, no matter what the circumstances are.

Whether you’re considering cheating, have been cheated on, or are just curious about what others have to say on the topic, these quotes can provide some valuable insight. So if you’re looking for a little guidance, read on for some of the best and most revealing Relationship Cheating Quotes.

“Never cheat on someone, who is good to you.” – Surgeo Bell

Relationship Cheating Quotes

“A relationship is not a test. So why cheat?”

“No relationship is ever a waste of time. If it didn’t bring you what you want, it taught you what you don’t want.”

“Relationships sink when there are too many passengers.”

“Secrets and Lies Kill Relationships. No Matter How Careful You are.”

Relationship Cheating Quotes in English

“How can he love you when he treats you as if he doesn’t even like you.” – R.h. Sin

“Once someone cheats in the relationship, there’s no reason to stay. If they truly loved you they would’ve never cheated.” – Anurag Prakash Ray

 “Don’t cheat if you don’t want to be cheated. A relationship is mutual. This is the golden rule for all great connections.” – Israelmore Ayivor

Cheating in relationship

“For a relationship to flourish, it needs an affair. However, the affair needs to be with your own self … your inner self.” – Lebo Grand

“If you love someone you don’t cheat. If you want to cheat set.”

Sad Cheating Quotes

There are many different types of cheating. Some people view it as a way to get ahead, while others see it as an act of desperation. However, some get hurt because their partners cheat on them. Sad Cheating Quotes can be a way to express their thoughts about cheating.

There are a lot of Sad Cheating Quotes out there and they are very serious. But what all of these quotes have in common is that they offer a glimpse into the complex and often messy reality of cheating. These quotes can also offer some valuable insights.

“I’m proud of my heart. It’s been played, stabbed, cheated, burned, and broken, but somehow it still works.” – Alcatraz Dey

Sad Cheating Quotes

“A real man will be honest no matter how painful the truth is. A coward hides behind lies and deceit.”

“Feelings are much like waves, we can’t stop them from coming, but we can choose which ones to surf.” – Jonatan Mårtensson

“Betrayal was what I felt, my heart broke not just by a guy I was in love with, but also by, as I once believed, a true friend.” – Danka V.

Sad Cheating Quotes in English

“You don’t deserve someone who comes back, you deserve someone who never leaves.”

“When a man steals your wife, there is no better revenge than to let him keep her.” – Sacha Guitry

“Cheating and lying aren’t struggles, they’re reasons to break up.” – Patti Callahan Henry

Sad Cheating Quotes

“Love is never supposed to hurt. Love is supposed to heal, to be your haven from misery, to make living worthwhile.” – Mia Ashe

Karma Cheating Quotes

Karma Cheating Quotes is about the potential consequences of cheating on someone. If you’re considering cheating in your relationship, it’s important to weigh all of the potential consequences before you make a decision. Cheating can lead to a lot of heartache and pain, both for you and your partner. It can also damage your relationship beyond repair. So before you do anything, be sure to think long and hard about whether or not cheating is truly right for you.

However, some research indicates that cheating can be a learned behavior. This means that if someone grows up witnessing cheating in their family or social circle, they may be more likely to engage in cheating themselves. Cheating can also be a way to cope with feelings of insecurity or low self-esteem. In some cases, people may cheat because they feel entitled to do so or because they believe that it’s a harmless act. Here are some of the most notable Karma Cheating Quotes:

“Cheat on a good woman and karma makes sure you end up with the bitch you deserve.”

Karma Cheating Quotes

“Betrayal does that betrays the betrayer.”

“Fake; it’s the latest trend, and everyone seems to be in style.”

“Next to hurting my family, cheating on me is the worst thing someone could do.” 

“Keep hurting the ones that love you, and you’ll end up being the only one hurting. Sincerely, Karma!”

betrayal karma cheating quotes

“How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.”

“You will love someone who doesn’t love you, for not loving someone who did.”

“Betrayal is common for men with no conscience.”

“She was my best friend until I discovered she had two faces.”

karma cheating quotes for Her

“Sooner Or Later, Everyone sits down to a banquet of Consequences.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

“When the karma of a relationship is done, only love remains. It’s safe. Let go.” – Elizabeth Gilbert

“Be careful to whom you trust. Betrayal always comes from the persons you trust.”

karma cheating in relationships

“No one ever really pays for betrayal in silver… The price of any betrayal always comes due in flesh.”

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

karma cheating quotes

“Once a cheater, always a repeater.” – Melissa Edwards

Karma Cheating Quotes for Him

Karma Cheating Quotes for Him can be a way to stop yourself from cheating on your partner. What goes around really does come around, and if you’re planning on cheating on your partner, you’re just setting yourself up for some karmic retribution down the line. So before you go ahead and cheat, think about the consequences. Will it really be worth it in the end?

Some people don’t believe in karma. They think they can cheat and get away with it, no matter what the cost. Cheating is never a good idea, and it’s always better to be safe than sorry. So before you make a decision you might regret, take a moment to think about the possible repercussions. It just might save you from a world of hurt down the line. Here we share some Karma Cheating Quotes for Him for you. These quotes can stop you from making any mistake.

“I think I was stupid enough to have faith in you. I gave you more than you deserved.”

Karma Cheating Quotes for Him

“If he loves you, he will not screw up what you have by cheating.”

“You knew what you were doing and you knew it would hurt me but somehow that still didn’t stop you.”

“Never start a relationship if you haven’t ended your previous one.”

Cheating Quotes for Him

“Don’t apologize and then do it again.”

“You cheated on me? When I specifically asked you not to?” – Michael Scott

“Don’t expect to be treated like number 1 while playing the role of number 2.”

“I’m proud of my heart. It’s been played, burned, and broken, but somehow still works.”

husband cheating quotes

“The moment that you start to wonder if you deserve better, you do.”

“I’m a good enough person to forgive you, but not stupid enough to trust you again.”

“Never push a loyal person to the point where they no longer care.”

married men cheating quotes

“Cheat on a good woman and karma makes sure you end up with the bitch you deserve.”

Cheating Quotes for Her

Cheating Quotes for Her provide an interesting perspective on relationships.  When it comes to love and relationships, there are a lot of different factors that come into play. One of the most important things to consider is cheating. If you cheat on your partner, you’re not only causing them pain, but you’re also making your life living hell.

If you’re considering cheating on your partner, think about the consequences that could come your way. It’s not worth it. These Cheating Quotes for Her will help you realize just how much pain you could cause.

“Don’t cheat in a relationship. If you are not happy then just leave.”

Cheating Quotes for Her

“Do not expect a yellow card when you cheat someone, because there is always a red card.”

“Don’t cheat, if the feeling isn’t there then you shouldn’t be either.”

“Don’t cheat. If you’re unhappy, just leave.”

“I tried to keep us together, you were busy keeping secrets.”

girlfriend cheating quotes

“God is not going to bless you with someone else’s husband.”

“The real reason I’m over you is that now I see who you really are.”

“Never hand your heart to someone who is still picking up the pieces on their own.”

“I don’t miss him, I miss who I thought he was.”

Cheating Quotes for Her

“I’m not a second option. You either choose me or lose me.”

“Desperate women throw themselves. Weak men accept the offer.”

“If you love someone, you don’t cheat. If you want to cheat, set them free.”

“Cheating on a good person is like throwing away a diamond and picking up a rock.”

love cheating quotes

“A relationship is only made for two. But some bitches don’t know how to count.”

“Be careful to who you give your heart.”

“I am a good enough person to forgive you. But not stupid enough to trust you again.”

“Don’t cheat! If you’re unhappy, just leave.”

“She cheated him, broke his trust, and still roams around him happily without realization, and without any shame.”

she's cheating quotes

“I tried to keep us together, you were busy keeping secrets.”

“Cheating is a choice, not a mistake.”

“If you really love that person, you wouldn’t even think about cheating on them.”

cheating quotes for her

“I can’t deal with someone wanting to take a relationship backward or needing space or cheating on you.” –Taylor Swift


In this blog post, we will share some of the most famous Cheating Quotes and try to understand the different perspectives on this controversial topic. Cheating is like karma. This principle is often applied to relationships, where it is believed that if someone cheats on their partner, they will eventually be cheated on in return. No matter what your reason for reading them but these Cheating Quotes will help you understand the potential of the matter. LIKE, COMMENT, and SHARE these quotes to tell others about them.

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