National Catfish Day Quotes, Messages & Wishes (June 25)

National Catfish Day Quotes to honor the significant role catfish play in our cuisine. Every year on 25th June National Catfish Day is celebrated all over the USA. The day is celebrated by coughing catfish and eating several dishes made from it. Catfish is one of the affordable and tasty options for many Americans and it also helps to grow the American economy every year. 

To make the day special we have collected some of the best inspiring and motivational National Catfish Day Quotes, Wishes, and Messages. Whether you love to eat catfish or just someone who wants to try something new these quotes will help you express your thoughts. We hope these wishes and messages are sure to satisfy you.

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National Catfish Day Quotes

National Catfish Day is an occasion for all Americans. The day is to celebrate all those delicious dishes made from catfish. Sharing National Catfish Day Quotes can be a way to celebrate the day on social media and let the world know about this amazing fish and all the delicious dishes made from it. These quotes are funny, motivational, and informative and they will show your appreciation for this fish species.

“We have sat on the river bank and caught catfish with pin hooks. The time has come to harpoon a whale.” – John Hope

National Catfish Day Quotes

“My husband calls me ‘catfish.’ He says I’m all mouth and no brains.” – Dolly Parton

“I am an unpopular electric eel in a pool of catfish.” – Edith Sitwell

“The only thing you can do to make catfish edible is fry them.” – Blake Shelton

“Catfish is a delicious and versatile fish that can be cooked in many different ways. It’s a great source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids, and it’s also low in calories and fat.” – Healthline

“Catfish is a Southern staple, and for good reason. It’s a flavorful and affordable fish that’s perfect for a quick and easy meal.” – Southern Living

“If you’re looking for a new fish to try, I highly recommend catfish. It’s delicious, nutritious, and easy to find.” – The Spruce Eats

National Catfish Day Quotes

“Most people who recognize me don’t even know my name. They just yell out ”Catfish!” or ‘Where’s Nev?’ or sometimes just ‘Nev!'” – Max Joseph

“As children, we dug for worms or we used crawdads for bait. We caught catfish, or crappies, a delicious fish.” – Anita Bryant

“I really am serious about catfish farming. I’m very interested in aquaculture.” – Leon Russell

“I’ve been stabbed by a catfish. They’ve got quite sharp spines on their pectoral fins.” – Jeremy Wade

“It’s crazy. Even doing that one episode of ‘Catfish,’ I get people recognizing me for it who didn’t even know my music.” – Machine Gun Kelly

“If deep-frying catfish, try a dredge of seasoned flour and cornmeal and add some bacon fat to the oil.” – Tom Douglas

National Catfish Day Messages

“The only way to celebrate National Catfish Day is to savor the tasty flavor of catfish, which never fails to satisfy our taste buds.”

National Catfish Day Messages 

“May you have a wonderful day ahead as you enjoy the great taste of catfish in your meal with the best of the people surrounding you. Happy National Catfish Day.”

“I hope you enjoy National Catfish Day with your family and friends.”

“When in doubt, always choose catfish! It’s a delicious and nutritious fish that’s perfect for any occasion.”

“If you truly love fish, there is no denying that catfish is one of the best fishes in the world to eat. I’m sending you my love on National Catfish Day.”

National Catfish Day Wishes

“Catfish farming is profitable for businesses and makes a yummy food for the Americans. Warm wishes on National Catfish Day.”

National Catfish Day Wishes 

“On National Catfish Day 2023, let us enjoy this amazing fish that would never disappoint you on taste or health benefits.”

“Cheers to National Catfish Day 2023! May your day be filled with good food, company, and time.”

“The only way to celebrate the occasion of National Catfish Day is by indulging in the good taste of catfish that always pampers our taste buds.”


This blog post is a collection of National Catfish Day Quotes, Wishes, and Messages to celebrate and enjoy the day. These quotes and messages will help you show your love for the food dishes made from catfish. The day is also to promote the role of catfish to grow the American economy. To spread the information like and share this post on the internet and let the world know about catfish. Comment us what you think about the day and catfish.

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