35 BEST National Inventors’ Day Quotes, Wishes & Messages

National Inventors’ Day quotes will inspire and motivate you to pursue your own inventive endeavors. In celebration of National Inventors’ Day on February 11, we’ve gathered a few of our favorite quotes from some of history’s most prolific inventors!

This holiday commemorates the signing of the US patent system into law by George Washington. Every year, on this date, we celebrate the accomplishments of the men and women who have made our country what it is today through their creativity and hard work.

In celebration of National Inventors’ Day, we’ve compiled a list of National Inventors’ Day quotes from some of history’s most famous inventors. These quotes reflect on the creativity, hard work, and dedication that’s necessary for success in the field of invention.

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National Inventors’ Day Quotes

National Inventors’ Day quotes are a great way to honor these remarkable individuals. Today, we celebrate the people who have changed the world with their creativity, hard work, and dedication.

In honor of National Inventors’ Day, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite quotes from history’s greatest inventors. These National Inventors’ Day quotes range from inspirational to humorous, but they all have one thing in common: they show the power of innovation.

“If it weren’t for Philo T. Farnsworth, inventor of television, we’d still be eating frozen radio dinners.” – Johnny Carson

National Inventors' Day Quotes

“A designer is an emerging synthesis of artist, inventor, mechanic, objective economist and evolutionary strategist.” – R. Buckminster Fuller

“An inventor fails 999 times, and if he succeeds once, he’s in. He treats his failures simply as practice shots.” – Charles Kettering

“An inventor is simply a fellow who doesn’t take his education too seriously.” – Charles Kettering

“That’s one of the advantages of being an inventor and tinkerer – I have everything I need to make what I need.” – Lonnie Johnson

“You can’t name the inventor of the camera. The 19th-century invention was chemical: the fixative.” – David Hockney

National Inventors' Day Quotes

“I guess that’s just the life of an inventor: what people do with your ideas takes you totally by surprise.” – Stephanie Kwolek

“As the inventor of the Immortality Device, I basically just tell people what I honestly think.” – Alex Chiu

National Inventors’ Day Wishes

National Inventors’ Day is celebrated in the United States to encourage creativity and progress. This day also honors the great inventors who have made significant contributions to the country. This day is set aside to honor all inventors, both past and present, who have helped to shape our world. It is also a day to encourage young people to pursue their dreams and never give up.

There are many ways to celebrate National Inventors’ Day. You can learn about the great inventors and their inventions, you can visit a museum or Science Center, or you can take part in a variety of activities designed to encourage creativity and progress. You can also celebrate National Inventors’ Day by sending National Inventors’ Day wishes to your friends and family.

“You have to think out of the box to invent something. You have to be creative to invent something. Happy National Inventors Day.”

National Inventors' Day Wishes

“If there is a problem then it surely has a solution, the only thing is that you have to look for it. Happy National Inventors Day.”

“Happy National Inventors’ Day to all the brilliant minds who continue to shape our world with their innovative ideas.”

“Wishing a very Happy National Inventors’ Day to all the individuals who have the courage to bring their ideas to life.”

National Inventors’ Day Messages

If you are an investor or know someone who is, use this day as an opportunity to celebrate their achievements. And if you are not an inventor yourself, use this day as an opportunity to learn more about the fascinating world of invention!

In 1876, one of the most prolific and influential inventors of our time was born. Thomas Edison not only gave us the light bulb, but also the phonograph, the movie camera, and the first commercial electric power plant. In celebration of his birthday, National Inventors’ Day is celebrated every year on February 11th. Here are some of our favorite National Inventors’ Day Messages for the day.

“Necessity is what leads to inventions. Warm wishes on National Inventors Day to everyone.”

National Inventors' Day Messages

“No invention has taken place without many failures and lots of hard work. Hats off to them for their inventions.”

“Every invention that has been made must have a result that makes complete sense.”

“On this National Inventors’ Day, let’s celebrate and appreciate the spirit of invention and the positive impact it has on our lives.”

“To all the inventors out there, Happy National Inventors’ Day! Keep inspiring us with your creativity and brilliance.”

National Inventors' Day Messages

“National Inventors Day reminds us all that there is nothing more powerful and more creative than inventions.”


Inventors play an important role in society. They help us solve problems and make our lives easier. National Inventors’ Day is a day to celebrate their achievements.

On National Inventors’ Day, we celebrate the work of inventors worldwide who have made significant contributions to society. We also recognize the work of those who continue to innovate and bring new ideas to market. So take a moment to like, comment, and share this post to show your support for inventors.

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