National Scrabble Day Quotes, Messages & Wishes (April 13th)

National Scrabble Day Quotes can encourage people to play this game. Every year on April 13th, National Scrabble Day is observed. Alfred Butts, an American who invented the game in 1938, is honored on this day for the date of his birth. Since then, all age groups now participate in and enjoy the game.

People from all around the nation get together on this day to honor their passion for the sport. They participate in competitions, exchange their favorite National Scrabble Day quotes, and relish the companionship that the game fosters.

Check out our favorite Scrabble quotes if you’re searching for some motivation this National Scrabble Day!

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National Scrabble Day Quotes

The game of Scrabble and the enjoyment that it offers to players around are celebrated on National Scrabble Day. Fans of Scrabble gather together on this day to play games, recite their favorite Scrabble lines, and talk about how much they enjoy the game.

Over the years, Scrabble has been mentioned in a lot of well-known quotes. These National Scrabble Day Quotes represent the spirit of the game and its capacity to unite people. We’ve produced a compilation of some of the most memorable Scrabble quotes in recognition of National Scrabble Day.

“Intelligence is what you use when you don’t know what to do.” – Jean Piaget

National Scrabble Day Quotes

“Scrabble is not just a game, it’s a way to use your mind creatively.”

“When you don’t know what to do, get still. The answer will come.” – Oprah Winfrey

“Scrabble: Because sometimes it’s the only way to tell someone you love them.”

“Whoever dreamed up Scrabble had an exaggerated idea of how many 7-letter words have five i’s.” – Robert Breault

“Children are the most desirable opponents at Scrabble as they are both easy to beat and fun to cheat.” – Fran Lebowitz

“Playing ‘bop’ is like playing Scrabble with all the vowels missing.” – Duke Ellington

“Xenophobia doesn’t benefit anybody unless you’re playing high-stakes Scrabble.” – Dennis Miller

National Scrabble Day Messages

Every year, Americans commemorate National Scrabble Day. People from all around the nation gather to play Scrabble on this day. On this day, we should also pause to consider the effect the game has had on our lives.

You have come to the right place if you are looking for National Scrabble Day messages. This article includes a selection of some of the most well-liked Scrabble messages to get you in the mood for the day. Therefore, we wish you a happy National Scrabble Day, whether you are a lover of the game or not, and hope you enjoy these messages!

“Happy National Scrabble Day! Let’s take this opportunity to sharpen our minds and improve our vocabulary.”

National Scrabble Day Messages

“Let’s toast to National Scrabble Day and the endless possibilities of language.”

“Wishing you a delightful National Scrabble Day 2023! May your game be full of high-scoring words and laughter.”

“On National Scrabble Day, let’s remember that every word counts, both on the board and in our everyday lives.”

“May this National Scrabble Day bring you endless hours of fun and the satisfaction of finding the perfect word.”

National Scrabble Day Wishes

A day set aside to honour the game of Scrabble and the happiness it gives to people’s lives is known as National Scrabble Day. Playing the game, sending National Scrabble Day wishes, and giving presents with Scrabble-related themes are just a few ways to mark this unique day. Enjoy yourself and your family and friends’ company in everything you do.

“Wishing you a Happy National Scrabble Day! May your vocabulary be strong and your tiles plentiful.”

National Scrabble Day Wishes

“Let’s celebrate National Scrabble Day by playing a game or two! May the best wordsmith win.”

“Wishing you a fun-filled National Scrabble Day 2023! May your opponents be challenging and your words impressive.”

“On this occasion of National Scrabble Day, let’s take a moment to appreciate the power of words and the joy of playing with them.”

“Happy National Scrabble Day 2023! May your tiles always spell out the victory.”


National Scrabble Day is a great day to celebrate the game of Scrabble. There are many ways to show your love for the game, including sending National Scrabble Day quotes, messages, and wishes to others. Show your support for the game by liking, commenting, and sharing this blog post.

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