National Sunglasses Day Quotes, Messages & Wishes (June 27th)

National Sunglasses Day Quotes are the best way to raise awareness of wearing sunglasses for eye health and protection. National Sunglasses Day is to promote the use of sunglasses and the eye health benefits from them. Every year on 27 June people celebrate the day. 

These National Sunglasses Day Quotes, Wishes, and Messages are for all those sunglass lovers to express their love for sunglasses. If you wear sunglasses to protect your eyes or just make yourself look cool the day is for you to celebrate all the things you get from sunglasses. Celebrate the day with your friends and family and share a selfie wearing sunglasses on your social media.

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National Sunglasses Day Quotes

“With my sunglasses on, I’m Jack Nicholson. Without them, I’m fat and 60.” – Jack Nicholson

National Sunglasses Day Quotes

“Always have sunglasses with you. They’re great for when you can’t be bothered to put make-up on.” – Alison Goldfrapp.

“Sunglasses: Allowing you to stare at people without getting caught. It’s like Facebook in real life.” – Teresa Francisco.

“I just can’t eat without my sunglasses.” – Calista Flockhart.

“People do recognize me. I walk around with sunglasses, and I think I’m hidden, but they see me.” – Natalia Dyer.

National Sunglasses Day Quotes

“Sometimes you just have to bite your upper lip and put sunglasses on.” – Bob Dylan.

“Sunglasses are like eye shadow: They make everything look younger and pretty.” – Karl Lagerfeld.

“I’m so shy now I wear sunglasses everywhere I go.” – Al Pacino.

“I think sometimes when you want attention you can wear sunglasses and people are like “Who is that?” – Katerina Graham.

National Sunglasses Day Messages

“Sunglasses are not just a fashionable accessory but they are a protection. Happy Sunglasses Day.”

National Sunglasses Day Messages

“Warm wishes on Sunglasses Day 2023. Look stylish and also wise with a pair of sunglasses.”

“Sunglasses are the best friend of someone suffering from migraine. Have fun at Sunglasses Day.”

“With your sunglasses, you can be Jack Nicolson and without them, you are fat and 60. Happy Sunglasses Day.”

“If you love your eyes then protect them with sunglasses when in the sun. Happy Sunglasses Day 2023.”

National Sunglasses Day Wishes 

“Warm wishes on Sunglasses Day. Don’t forget to wear them on and keep your eyes protected whenever you step out of your house.”

National Sunglasses Day Wishes 

“Sunglasses may have become more of a fashion statement these days but they are always an essential thing when you are out in the sun. Warm wishes on Sunglasses Day.”

“Leaving your house on a sunny day without a pair of sunglasses is very harmful. Warm wishes on Sunglasses Day to you in 2023.”

Sunglasses Quotes

National Sunglasses Day is celebrated annually to encourage people to wear sunglasses and promote UV eye protection. The day is very important to show people the benefits of wearing sunglasses to protect our eyes from harmful UV rays and dust on the road. Sunglasses Quotes can be a way to show people all those benefits. Share these quotes about sunglasses with your friends and family.

“My glasses say a lot about me because I think me in a pair of sunglasses is an image that a lot of people would recognize.” – Victoria Beckham.

Sunglasses Quotes

“I’m an average guy, skinny, not so tall, I put my sunglasses on, and I blend in.” – Goran Dragic.

“Being stuck in airports, you always end up buying perfume and sunglasses.” – Lexa Doig.

“I love sunglasses, I have all shapes and colors.” – Alessandra Ambrosio.

“I wear dark sunglasses when I want my head to look more like a limousine.” – Demetri Martin.

“I don’t think cops should wear mirrored sunglasses; the whole time the guy was chewing me out, all I could think was I should cut my bangs.” – Bonnie McFarlane.

“I have tons of sunglasses. My husband won’t let me buy another pair because I lose them all the time.” – Ali Larter.

Quotes About Sunglasses

“After ‘The Matrix,’ I cannot wear sunglasses. As soon as I put them on, people recognize me.” – Carrie-Anne Moss.

“If a man takes off his sunglasses I can hear him better.” – Hugh Prather

“Sometimes you just have to bite your upper lip and put sunglasses on.” – Bob Dylan

“I’ve been obsessed with sunglasses since the beginning of time.” – Madelaine Petsch

“Life is more than sunglasses and hit movies. Reality—that’s the main event.” – Sylvester Stallone

“I don’t spend a bunch of money on jewelry or sunglasses, because I lose them a lot.” – Mike Will Made It

“Under the pink Harlequin sunglasses strawberry dangling charms, and sugar-frosted eyeshadow she was really almost beautiful.” – Francesca Lia Block.

“Sunglasses are the unofficial celebrities’ uniform.” – Mokokoma Mokhonoana.

“I never go out during the day without sunglasses.” – Tory Burch

“Sunglasses are a migraine sufferer’s best friend.” – Cindy McCain

“I walk around with a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen all the time.” – Marcia Cross

Funny Sunglasses Quotes

“Wearing sunglasses at night hurts your eyes after a while.” – Corey Hart

“I don’t want to be criticized for wearing sunglasses in the sun.” – Jerome Boateng

“Isn’t it a shame military doctors couldn’t be as good as military sunglasses?” – Pat Conroy

“To remove all credibility from what you’re saying, try wearing sunglasses on your forehead.” – Demetri Martin

“Never wear a hat and sunglasses at the same time, because it looks like you’re wearing a disguise.” – Jamie Hince

 “It was really strange to see all these apes standing around eating popcorn, smoking, wearing sunglasses.” – Estella Warren

“You know who wears sunglasses inside? Blind people and assholes.” – Larry David

“I like sunglasses. The bigger the better, but I lose about a pair a week.” – Paul Wesley


National Sunglasses Day is celebrated to promote the importance of protecting our eyes by wearing sunglasses. This blog post is a collection of Quotes about Sunglasses and National Sunglasses Day Quotes, Wishes, and Messages to celebrate the day. Wearing sunglasses is not only for protecting our eyes its also for the style and fashion in our everyday life. Like, Comment, and Share this post on your social media to spread awareness.

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