35 Happy Slap Day Quotes, Wishes & Messages [2023]

Slap Day Quotes are a great way to show your ex that you are over them. If you have been exchanging text messages or have been tracking their social media posts, you know that they have moved on. You need to as well and these quotes will help you do that.

There are a lot of people who are unhappy in their relationships. Sometimes, it is better to walk away from the situation rather than try to fix it. This is especially true if the person you are with is not willing to work on the relationship.

Slap Day is celebrated on February 15th every year. After seven days of Valentine’s week, the anti valentine’s week started and the first day of this tradition is slap day. It is a day to celebrate the art of the slap. On this day, people across the world take to social media to share their favourite slap quotes. If you have been thinking about leaving your relationship, these Slap Day Quotes will help you do that.

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Slap Day Quotes

Slap Day Quotes are a popular way of expressing one’s love and affection on this day. Slap Day is celebrated on the 15th of February every year. It is a day when people express their love and affection for each other by slapping each other.

If you are looking for Slap Day Quotes, then this article is for you. In this article, we have provided a list of some of the most popular Slap Day Quotes that you can use to express your feelings towards your loved ones.

“If someone slaps you, just smile and slap them back. It’s a good exercise for the face.” 

Slap Day Quotes

“Sometimes the only way to deal with a bully is to slap them back.” 

“Today is Slap Day, a day to let go of any negativity or bad energy in your life. You deserve to be surrounded by positivity and love.”

“A slap is a gentle reminder that people are entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts.” 

Happy Slap Day Wishes

“On Slap Day, let’s say goodbye to all the negative people and bad energy in our lives.”

“May Slap Day be a reminder to let go of toxic relationships and focus on our own well-being?”

“Wishing you a happy Slap Day filled with self-love and positivity.”

“Let’s use Slap Day as an opportunity to stand up for ourselves and create healthy boundaries.”

“May Slap Day help you release any anger or frustration and embrace a more peaceful mindset..”

Slap Day Messages

“It is not my loss because I loved a man who cheated on me but it is your loss because lost someone who loved you unconditionally.”

“I don’t advocate violence, but if someone slaps you, it’s perfectly acceptable to slap them back.” 

“Sometimes the best way to move forward is to leave the past behind. Use Slap Day as an opportunity to release any negativity and embrace a brighter future.”

“Wishing you a happy Slap Day filled with self-love and acceptance. You deserve to be happy and free from toxic relationships.”

“If someone slaps you in the face, turn the other cheek and show them your true strength: forgiveness.” 

“It is not necessary to slap someone on the face but you must slap someone with your words because they hurt more.”


Here are some great quotes for Slap Day. So next time you’re feeling down, or someone tries to put you in a headlock, just remember that “slaps heal, but wounds last a lifetime.” And for those of you who are still feeling angry after reading this, just remember that “revenge is a dish best-served cold.” We hope you enjoyed these slap day quotes! If you did, please like, comment, and share.

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