45 + Famous World Elephant Day Quotes, Wishes & Messages

World Elephant Day Quotes is the best way to raise awareness to protect elephants. World Elephant Day is an international event that takes place on August 12th each year. The event was created to raise awareness of the plight of elephants and to encourage people to take action to help protect them. The day was created to bring attention to the plight of the African and Asian elephant populations. poaching and habitat loss continue to threaten the survival of these iconic animals.

There are many threats to elephants, both in the wild and in captivity. They are hunted for their tusks, which are made of ivory, and their skin. They are also captured and kept in zoos and circuses, where they are often mistreated. Elephants are also in danger because of habitat loss, as their natural habitats are being destroyed by humans.

There are many ways that you can get involved in World Elephant Day. You can learn more about the issues facing elephants, donate to organizations that are working to protect them, or spread the word about the event to help raise awareness. No matter how you choose to participate, World Elephant Day is a great way to show your support for these amazing animals. In this blog post, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite World Elephant Day Quotes, Wishes, and Messages about elephants. We hope that these quotes will inspire you to take action and help elephants in any way you can.

World Elephant Day Quotes

World Elephant Day Quotes will tell you some incredible facts about this creature. Elephants are social animals, living in families or herds led by a matriarch. Male elephants leave their family group when they reach adolescence and live a solitary life until they are ready to mate. Females stay with their mothers and other female relatives. Elephants communicate using a variety of vocalizations and physical gestures. They are also very good at using their trunks to interact with their environment and each other.

These majestic creatures have been on the earth for millions of years, but their future is uncertain. There are two main ways you can help on World Elephant Day: spreading awareness and donating to conservation efforts. Among the many ways, you can celebrate and show your support is by sharing some powerful and inspiring World Elephant Day Quotes about elephants.

“I have a memory like an elephant. In fact, elephants often consult me.” – Noel Coward

World Elephant Day Quotes

“An elephant: A mouse built to government specifications.” – Lazarus Long

“The worst place to be is in the middle. When elephants fight, the grass gets trampled.” – Andrew Vachss.

“If there’s a pink elephant in the room, I’ll identify it and say it.” – Angela Rayner.

“People are so difficult. Give me an elephant any day.” – Mark Shand

Happy World Elephant Day Quotes 2022

“They couldn’t hit an elephant at this distance.” – General John B. Sedgwick

“I have a face like the behind of an elephant.” – Charles Laughton

“If there’s a pink elephant in the room, I’ll identify it and say it.” – Angela Rayner

“The worst place to be is in the middle. When elephants fight, the grass gets trampled.” – Andrew Vachss

Happy World Elephant Day Quotes

“It is better to own 10% of an elephant than 100% of a rat.” – Arthur Mutambara

“Elephants and grandchildren never forget.” – Andy Rooney

“Jackie had a keen eye for talent, and like an elephant never forgot…” – Audrey Meadows

“Right now I’ve got just two rules to live by. Rule one: don’t taunt elephants.”

Happy World Elephant Day Quotes 2022

“Rule two: don’t stand next to anybody who taunts elephants.” – Howard Tayler

“It is the ant, not the lion, which the elephant fears.” – Matshona Dhliwayo 

World Elephant Day Wishes

World Elephant Day Wishes to wish all wildlife lovers. There are two species of elephants, the African elephant, and the Asian elephant. African elephants are larger, with males reaching up to six and a half feet tall at the shoulder and weighing in at around 16,000 pounds. Asian elephants are smaller, with males reaching a height of around five and a half feet and weighing in at around 11,000 pounds.

On World Elephant Day, we honor these magnificent creatures. We stand with them in conservation efforts to protect them from extinction. We celebrate their place in the world and our shared responsibility to protect them. There are many ways to help elephants, but one of the most important things you can do is to spread awareness. Sharing some World Elephant Day Wishes about elephants can do that.

“If you do not have a memory like an elephant, leave impressions like one. Happy World Elephant Day!”

World Elephant Day Wishes

“No one in the world needs an elephant tusk but an elephant.” – Thomas Schmidt

“I have a face like the behind of an elephant.” – Charles Laughton.

“Plastic surgery is like a big elephant sitting in the Hollywood living room. Happy World Elephant Day!” 

“I always think I look like the Elephant Man I can’t get used to my own image.” – Brian Cox.

Happy World Elephant Day Wishes

“People don’t realize how amazing elephants are.” – Prince Harry

“I have a memory like an elephant. I remember every elephant I’ve ever met. Happy World Elephant Day!” 

World Elephant Day Messages

World Elephant Day Messages encourage people to do what they can to help these majestic animals. Elephants are becoming increasingly endangered due to the illegal ivory trade, habitat loss, and human-elephant conflict. This day provides an opportunity for people to learn about the elephants and what they can do to help protect them. There are many ways to get involved, from donating to organizations that protect elephants to simply spreading awareness about the issue.

On this World Elephant Day, take the time to learn about these amazing creatures and what you can do to help them. Elephants are the largest land animals on Earth, and they are also some of the most intelligent. They are highly social creatures, living in family groups led by a matriarch. elephants are known to have memories that span several decades, and they are also very emotionally intelligent, displaying empathy and compassion. These World Elephant Day Messages tell more about them.

“If you’re going to move, move like an elephant, not a hyena.” – African proverb

World Elephant Day Message

“Mediocrity is the elephant in the room.” – Kevin Spacey

“I was called ‘Dumbo,’ like the elephant, as a child because I couldn’t understand things at school.” – Anthony Hopkins

“Don’t meddle in assisting the elephant in carrying his tusks.” – Thai proverb

“The elephant has just one basic gait: an ambling walk; elephants cannot run or jump like other animals.” –  Richard D. Estes

“The young elephant is born with a thick skin.” – African proverb

Happy World Elephant Day Message

“She owned the road as an elephant owns the veldt and as a big blue elephant moved with massive grace and dignity.” – David Drake

“You don’t shoot elephants, you ride them–you might as well shoot your charger.” – King George V

“An elephant never forgets.” – African Proverb

“The elephant is the strongest animal on land and the king of the jungle.”

“The elephant is a very wise and intelligent creature.”

Save the Elephants Day Slogans

Save the Elephants Day Slogans to raise awareness about the threats to the survival of elephants and to rally the public to take action to protect them. There are many ways in which people can take action to save elephants. One way is by wearing clothing or using products that are made without using elephant ivory. Another way to take action is by supporting organizations that are working to save elephants.

On Save the Elephants Day, people all over the world use slogans to raise awareness about the plight of elephants. The day has become an important part of the fight to protect these magnificent animals from extinction. Slogans are an important part of any awareness campaign. They help to focus attention on the issue and promote action. They can also be a fun and creative way to get people involved. Here we share some of the most popular Save the Elephants Day slogans. These slogans can be used to raise awareness and take action to protect elephants.

“It is kind of sorry to see that we must work hard to save elephants.”

Save the Elephants Day Slogans

“Wake up!! It’s time to save the cutest animal we all love.”

“Nature has gifted us with elephants and it is our responsibility to save them.”

“Save elephants to save Mother Earth.”

“Elephants have been the dearest animal to all kids and must be saved.”

Save the Elephants Day Slogans Poster

“Save elephants to save this world.”

“World will certainly be a better place to live with elephants around us.”

“Elephants are just to be loved and pampered.”

Happy World Elephant Day Poster

Happy World Elephant Day Poster
Happy World Elephant Day Poster 2022
Happy World Elephant Day Status 2022
Happy World Elephant Day Poster 2022


In this blog post, we share some of the best World Elephant Day Quotes, Wishes, Messages, and Slogans about elephants and the day. These words are said by environmentalists, activists, and others who are fighting to protect them. On World Elephant day, we celebrate the beauty and majesty of these incredible creatures. Elephants are a keystone species, and their health and well-being are essential to the health of the ecosystems they inhabit. These World Elephant Day Quotes and Messages serve to remind us of the importance of elephants and the need to protect them.

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