50 Famous World Sketchnote Day Quotes, Wishes & Messages

World Sketchnote Day Quotes are meant to inspire and motivate sketch notes to keep creating visual notes. On World Sketchnote Day, we celebrate the power of sketchnoting to connect, inspire, and motivate people around the world. We believe that everyone has the potential to use sketchnoting to improve their lives and the lives of others.

Sketchnoting is a simple and effective way to capture and communicate ideas. A sketch note is a visual note that combines text and images to capture the essence of an idea. Sketchnotes can be used for everything from personal journaling to team brainstorming.

If you’re new to sketching, we encourage you to try it out! You can start by checking out our World Sketchnote Day Quotes. These quotes capture the power of sketchnoting and the spirit of World Sketchnote Day. We hope they inspire you to start sketching today!

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World Sketchnote Day Quotes

World Sketchnote Day is an annual event that celebrates the power of visual notes and sketches. It is a day for sketch notes around the world to connect, share, and learn from each other.

Sketchnoting is a great way to capture ideas and information visually. It’s a fun and creative way to take notes that can help remember information later.

To get involved, simply choose any quotes that you find inspirational, and create a sketchbook around it to share with the rest of the world on social media using the hashtag #WorldSketchnoteDay.

And to help get you started, we’ve rounded up some of the best World Sketchnote Day Quotes below. So grab your sketchbooks and pens, and get started!

“I’m learning and practicing often the Sketchnote. Ideas, not art for teaching and learning! Happy World Skecthnote day.”

World Sketchnote Day Quotes

“In the drawing, one must look for or suspect that there is more than is casually seen.” – George Bridgman

“Sketchnotes are the tone of collaboration, authenticity, and humanity. Use it for the good of humankind.”

“How you draw is a reflection of how you feel about the world. You’re not capturing it, you’re interpreting it.” – Juliette Aristides

“The ability to draw depends on one’s ability to see the way an artist sees.” – Betty Edwards

“The painter draws with his eyes, not with his hands.” – Maurice Grosser

World Sketchnote Day Wishes

World Sketchnote Day Wishes to celebrate the day. Sketch has the power to communicate, remember and connect. It is a day for sketchers of all levels of experience to come together and share their love of sketching.

Sketchnote is a type of visual note-taking that combines sketches and notes. Sketchnoting can be used for a variety of purposes, such as recording lectures, taking meeting notes, and capturing ideas.

World Sketchnote Day is a great opportunity for sketchers around the world to share their work, connect, and learn from each other. To help you celebrate, we’ve put together a list of our best World Sketchnote Day Wishes. We hope you enjoy them!

“Honored for my sketch by all my friends! Thank you so much! Happy World Sketchnote day!”

World Sketchnote Day Wishes

“Grab a drink and join us to make the longest Sketchnote on World Sketchnote day.”

“Visual impact is permanent! A great way to reach a shared understanding.”

“Using doodling and Sketchnotes in the classrooms can boost a student’s memory.”

“I’m happy that through my comic Sketchnote, I made a few smiles!”

“Transfer your words from verbal to visual. Happy  World Sketchnotes day.”

“Stimulate your brain for something great. Happy Sketchnoting Day.”

World Sketchnote Day Wishes

Sketchnotes make your learning activity easy. Try it on World Sketchnote Day.”

“I prepared something new for World Sketchnote day. If you do not understand, ping me.” 

“Sketchnotes are an effective way to convey messages which can be recalled anytime!”

World Sketchnote Day Messages

World Sketchnote Day Messages are a great way to get people interested in sketchnoting and to get them started on the path to becoming a sketch note. Sketchnoting is a great way to improve your memory, document lectures and events, and capture ideas.

The World Sketchnote Day Messages are a set of messages, one for each day of the year, that you can use to get people interested in sketchnoting and to get them started on the path to becoming sketch notes.

Various sketchnote artists and enthusiasts from around the world take part in the event by sharing their work and participating in online and offline activities.

On this day, we want to wish all the sketchers out there a Happy World Sketchnote Day! Keep up the great work and continue to spread the joy of sketchnoting to the world!

“Attempt a Sketchnote on World Sketchnote Day and you will remember it for years!”

World Sketchnote Day Messages 

“Being a volunteer, make a church Sketchnote which can help many. Happy World Sketchnote day.”

“Make your own digital Sketchnote and share digitally.”

“Join the fun on World Sketchnote Day. Enjoy creating sketches for your chapter books and for the family!”

“Lock your memories with a Sketchnote, one day you will smile seeing it.”

“Visual notes can help you to recap, to relax, and clear the mind.” 

“It is great to free your mind and improve your creativity. Happy World Sketchnote day.”

World Sketchnote Day Messages 

“Sketchnote is the power of Team Learning.” 

“It really needs some amazing skills to convert the information into visual and interactive sketches.”


World Sketchnote Day is a great opportunity to celebrate the power of visual thinking and communication. We hope you enjoyed these quotes. By sharing quotes from well-known sketch notes, we can inspire others to give sketching a try. So like, comment, and share this post to help spread the word!

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