50 International Sex Workers Day Quotes, Wishes & Messages

International Sex Workers Day Quotes to help celebrate the day and to stand up for the rights of sex workers everywhere. International Sex Workers Day is also called International Whores’ Day and is celebrated on June 2nd every year all over the world. The day is about honoring the rights of sex workers around the world. 

Sex work is a profession like other professions and all those who are connected to this kind of work deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. The day gives us a chance to stand up and take some action to support the rights of sex workers.

The theme for International Sex Workers Day 2023 is “Access to Justice”. Here we share some International Sex Workers Day Quotes, Wishes, and Messages to encourage people to fight against the discrimination they face.

International Sex Workers Day Quotes

International Sex Workers Day Quotes can be a way to motivate them to fight for their rights and access to go anywhere. The day is very important for our society to let know everyone that it’s just a profession like another profession. 

Around the 1970s the fight for sex workers rights started and they are still fighting for their rights and freedom. This day is a perfect opportunity to stand aside on their side and fight with them for their rights.

“He said, ‘They’re only whores,’ as though their very availability rendered them worthless.” – Ellen Kushner

International Sex Workers Day Quotes

“Some would say a whore don’t have no expectation of Heaven. I’d say, if she gives value for cash, she’s got a better shot at God’s blessing than your average banker.” – Elizabeth Bear

“ People should realize women just aren’t whores or virgins. I want to see women who are real human beings.” – Kate Beckinsale

“Giudicare e trattare le donne che fanno sex work come oggetti senza capacità di scegliere e di parlare non significa forse ripetere lo schema patriarcale?” – Giulia Zollino

International Sex Workers Day Messages

International Sex Workers’ Day Messages to raise awareness of the rights of sex workers and show people the challenges they face every day. The day also celebrates the resilience and strength of sex workers. 

If you want to help sex workers, there are many ways to get involved in fights. Sharing messages about sex workers can inspire and empower lots of other people to stand up for them. These messages can help to start conversations about sex workers and help break down the stigma that surrounds it.

“Start raising your voice for violence against sex workers; then, you can increase your voice for women.”

International Sex Workers Day Messages

“In this International Sex Workers’ Day 2023, let us pledge together to treat every sex worker like a normal citizen”

“We all work for money, and we completely understand that no work is less important. So on this day, let us take a moment for all the sex workers around the globe.”

“Spread awareness for the whore’s who are women; if you respect women, then why turn your back on sex workers.”

“Sex work is also work, and whores are human beings who work. Could you treat them with equality and respect?”

“Sex workers are workers, not mere objects who can be thrown, mistreated, and exploited at anybody’s will. Respect them and raise your voice against the exploitation of whores.”

“Whores work behind closed doors, but they do, and they are not objects of desire to be mistreated.”

International Sex Workers Day Wishes 

International Sex Workers Day Wishes to appreciate all sex workers all over the world. The importance of sex in our stressful and high work pressure life to get some relaxing time is undeniable. But most people in society don’t treat them well. 

On this day we should stand for them and break the stigma. Also, remember the sex workers who lost violence and those who are still fighting for their rights. We also stand in solidarity with those who are facing violence and criminalization.

“Treat a whore like a lady, and respect her. Donate if you can for the sex workers and help in uplifting their conditions.”

International Sex Workers Day Messages

“No human being deserves to be mistreated or exploited. The whores do not provide mistreatment; raise your voice against sex workers’ exploitation on International Sex Workers’ Day.”

“If you can’t spread love, then don’t spend hate for the whores or the sex workers fighting every day to receive equality and some pride for living in this cruel, hypocritic world.”

“Do not put your heads down when you hear about a sex worker in public; they deserve equality and it is their right to roam freely.”

“Raise your voice for the whores who bend on their knees for sex work and still get mistreated for their work!”

“Whores work for money, but they don’t work for mistreatment and exploitation. They do not demand favors; they ask for people to stop exploitation.”

“Get all the people together; collectively, the voice can support the women behind the face of a helpless sex worker who works hard for money.”


In this blog post, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most inspiring International Sex Workers Day Quotes, Messages, and Wishes about sex work. We hope these quotes and messages will encourage you to help them and change your thoughts about them. Like and Comment your opinion about the day and also about the role of sex workers in our society. Share this article to let others know about them.

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