35 Famous National Donut Day Quotes, Wishes & Messages

National Donut Day Quotes promote this delicious fried food. The first Friday of June is celebrated as donut day in America. This year the day will be celebrated on 2nd June. In 1938 the day was first created by the salvation army in Chicago. The day was created to honor all those donut-serving women during world war I.

Now the day become a tradition and all donut lovers across the united states celebrate the day with joy. We hope these National Donut Day Quotes, wishes, messages, and captions will help you promote and celebrate the day. These quotes are from some random donut lover to a professional donut maker to give you real feelings about the donut. Celebrate and enjoy the day by eating your favorite donut.

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National Donut Day Quotes

National Donut Day Quotes are a way to express your love for donuts with some words. Donuts are a portion of delicious fried food. It comes in multiple flavors and most of them are chocolate. Its tastes like eating bread with lots of sweets. On the day try some new flavored donuts with friends and family to celebrate the delicious day.

“I’d rather get a hot dog or a doughnut than write a song.” – John Prine

National Donut Day Quotes

“The optimist sees the donut, the pessimist sees the hole.” – Oscar Wilde

“I owe it all to little chocolate donuts.” – John Belushi

“Don’t look at the hole in the doughnut. Look at the whole doughnut.” – Branch Rickey

“You cannot go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent.” – Joe Biden 

“With a doughnut in each hand, anything is possible.” – Jameela Jamil

“Be sweet and honest always, but for God’s sake don’t eat my doughnuts!” – Emma Bunton

National Donut Day Quotes

“You’re a cop. I need a doughnut.” – Jim Butcher

“I take the no-doughnut pledge, and then I break it.” – Lauren Graham

“Never eat a heavily sugared doughnut before you go on TV.” – John Cheever

“I told Tantalus to go chase a doughnut.” – Rick Riordan

“Hello, donuts. You’re looking muffin today.” – Mindy Kaling

“I’m not going to work in a place where I can’t eat donuts.” – Kristen Ashley

“The donut is like the perfect special effect – it’s there when you need it and invisible when you don’t.” – Jaimie Warren

“Donuts are not just food, they’re an institution.” – Anthony Bourdain

“Delicious as an indulgence and as a “little bite of heaven.” – Elle Woods

National Donut Day Wishes

National Donut Day Wishes will help you wish your donut-eating partner a very happy donut day. Sometimes we think a lot but when it comes to saying something in a formal way we messed up. For this type of situation, these wishes will help you give some ideas to wish your loved ones properly. 

Donuts can be eaten at any time of the day and people in America love eating donuts. If you are here for some amazing words to wish everyone on the day then this post is for wishes about donut day will help you do that.

“The best way to live life is “DONUT worry, just be Happy” Make it a tasteful and sugary Happy National Doughnut Day.”

National Donut Day Wishes

“Let us celebrate the very special National Doughnut Day by enjoying more and more donuts that are sprinkled with love and taste.”

“I pray for lots of donuts for you, not just today but every day because I truly love you…. Wishing you Happy National Doughnut Day 2023.”

National Donut Day Messages

National Donut Day Messages to celebrate the day by knowing some amazing facts about donuts can be the best way to enjoy the day. In recent years, the day become very popular and commercialized. After all, it is one of America’s favorite pastries. These messages about donuts will help you celebrate the day on social media. Sharing your thoughts and messages about donuts with the world is also a way to honor this yummy fried food.

“You are never too old to enjoy donuts and on the occasion of National Doughnut Day, I wish you lots of sugary donuts to treat you.”

National Donut Day Messages 

“Best wishes on National Doughnut Day to you in 2023. May you enjoy the biggest ever donuts loaded with sweetness and love.”

“The best thing about National Doughnut Day is that you can indulge in these sumptuous delights without feeling guilty about it. Best wishes on this special day!”

“All those who are official donut lovers, sending you warm greetings on National Doughnut Day and wishing you a day full of the tastiest donuts.”

National Donut Day Captions

If you are a social media star and by any chance you love eating donuts then this National Donut Day Captions are for you. These captions are the perfect way to tell people what you think about it. It is a day to honor those people who make donuts and celebrate the humble donuts. 

On the day people love to share their donut-eating photos and reels with a perfect caption about the donut. These captions are about the joy of eating and sharing donuts with others.

“Leave me alone. I’m eating donuts.”

National Donut Day Captions 

“Donuts have my heart.”

“Save a bagel. Eat a donut.”

“Every donut for themselves.”

Every donut is a good donut.”

“Donuts are my best friends.”


This blog post is about National Donut Day quotes and wishes to celebrate the day with your friends and family. The day is about sharing your kindness and making some new friends by sharing donuts. Here we share the best National Donut Day Quotes and messages for the day. Like and share this post on the internet. Also, share your opinion about the day and what is your favorite donut in the comment section below.

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