National Hot Dog Day Quotes, Wishes & Messages (July 19th)

National Hot Dog Day Quotes will make you smile and maybe even crave a hot dog yourself. National Hot Dog Day is a celebration of America’s favorite summertime treat – the hot dog. Today, people from all over the country come together to enjoy this classic dish in all its mouthwatering glory. The day is a beloved holiday celebrated annually on July 19th all over America.

To inspire and add some flavor to your National Hot Dog Day celebrations, we have gathered a collection of National Hot Dog Day quotes that pay homage to the timeless hot dog. Whether you are a hot dog enthusiast or enjoy this tasty treat, these quotes will ignite your love for hot dogs and make your National Hot Dog Day celebrations even more enjoyable.

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National Hot Dog Day Quotes

It is a day dedicated to everyone’s favorite summertime treat – the hot dog. To commemorate this special occasion, people often share and post quotes about hot dogs on social media. These National Hot Dog Day quotes range from humorous to nostalgic, and they capture the essence of the hot dog experience.

“Barbecue is to North Carolina as the hot dog is to New York.” – Fiona Barton

National Hot Dog Day Quotes

“A hot dog cut up with ketchup is, like, lunch for me, so I just think it’s funny to Instagram it. I just don’t want to put that much effort into cooking.” – Lisa Hanawalt

“A hot dog at the game beats roast beef at the Ritz.” – Humphrey Bogart

“So now I’m ‘the hot dog guy,’ which isn’t bad. I take it in stride. It’s not like it was my goal in life. I’m having fun with it.” – Joey Chestnut

“I love a Hebrew National hot dog with an ice-cold Corona – no lime. If the phone rings, I won’t answer until I’m done.” – Maya Angelou

“I’d rather get a hot dog or a doughnut than write a song.” – John Prine

“We eat all organic at home, so if we’re running around and the kids want a hot dog or pretzel, I’ll get it for them.” – Kelly Rutherford

“I consider a perfect hot dog on the street to be as valid a food experience as dinner at Blue Hill at Stone Barns.” – Andrew Zimmern

“People have been manipulating food ever since they realized cooking a whole animal was difficult. Cows don’t come in hot dog form.” – Wylie Dufresne

“Hot Dog’ had been my first hit in the U.K., but it was ‘Marie Marie’ that really changed things.” – Shakin’ Stevens

National Hot Dog Day Wishes

“The celebrations on National Hot Dog Day are incomplete without trying this food which makes a delightful meal.”

National Hot Dog Day Wishes

“Happy National Hot Dog Day! Let’s celebrate with a cookout and some delicious hot dogs.”

“Wishing you a Bun-derful National Hot Dog Day filled with tasty toppings and good company!”

“On this special day, may your hot dogs be perfectly grilled and your condiments be plentiful. Happy National Hot Dog Day!”

“May you celebrate National Hot Dog Day with lots of hot dogs that are made with love and rich taste.”

National Hot Dog Day Messages

“On this National Hot Dog Day, let’s all mustard up the courage to ketchup and have a fantastic time together!”

National Hot Dog Day Messages

“Wishing you a sizzling National Hot Dog Day filled with mouthwatering flavors and unforgettable memories!”

“Be it any time of the day or any time of the year, there is never a wrong time to enjoy a hot dog…. Wishing you a very Happy National Hot Dog Day.”

“Happy National Hot Dog Day! It’s time to relish in the joy of this classic American treat. Enjoy your favorite toppings and savor every bite!”

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