World Bipolar Day Quotes, Messages & Greetings [March 30th]

World Bipolar Day Quotes to raise awareness and provide information about the condition of bipolar disorder. Also, it is a day for bipolar disease sufferers to celebrate their life and let the world know that they are not alone.

It is a worldwide day of awareness-raising and learning about bipolar disorder. The International Society for Bipolar Disorders established the day, which is celebrated on March 30.

Around the world, people get together to celebrate the day with events and activities to understand more about the bipolar disease.

If you or someone you know has bipolar disorder, know that you are not alone. Here are some World Bipolar Day quotes, wishes, and messages from people who have bipolar disorder to remind you that you are not alone in your struggle.

World Bipolar Day Quotes

We’re here to discuss World Bipolar Day, which is on 30th march. We’ll talk about what bipolar disorder is, share some information about mental illness, and share some World Bipolar Day quotes from people with bipolar disorder in honor of the day.

Extreme mood swings between highs and lows characterize bipolar disorder as a symptom of this mental condition. Days, weeks, or even months may pass between these mood swings. Bipolar disorder patients frequently struggle to carry out daily tasks.

2.6% of Americans suffer from bipolar disorder. Women experience mental illness more frequently than men. And it frequently starts in adolescence or the early stages of adulthood.

“I just have basically too much personality for one person, and not quite enough for two.” – Carrie Fisher

World Bipolar Day Quotes

“I’m bipolar, but I’m not crazy, and I never was. I’m stark raving sane.” – Emilie Autumn

“Bipolar disorder is something that is mine. And it is very difficult to talk about it.” – Mariette Hartley

“If you give a bipolar man a mic, I don’t know what you expect.” – Damon Dash

“People who are bipolar, they kind of latch onto things that are fanatical sometimes.” – Brad Garrett

“I live with being bipolar, but it doesn’t define me anymore.” – Margaret Trudeau

World Bipolar Day Quotes

“Sometimes when you have bipolar you have days you are grumpy and not feeling yourself.” – Frank Bruno

“Except you cannot outrun insanity, any more than you can outrun your own shadow.” – Alyssa Reyans

“Part of the frustration of being bipolar is people don’t understand what it feels like.” – Alice Ripley

World Bipolar Day Messages

World Bipolar Day Messages will encourage you and reassure people that they are not alone. International Bipolar Day will be observed on March 30 by people all around the world.

The day is a chance to raise awareness of the bipolar disorder and to show support for those who are suffering from this mental illness.

World Bipolar Day provides a variety of opportunities to take part. Sharing information and expertise about bipolar disorder is such a way to raise public awareness. Reaching out to a friend or relative who is dealing with bipolar disease and giving your support is another approach to show your sympathy.

“Happy World Bipolar Day to all. This day reminds us that there are still so many people who are not aware of this mental illness.”

World Bipolar Day Messages 

“It is important to help people who have bipolar disorder and be sensitive to them. Happy World Bipolar Day to Everyone!”

“Remember that bipolar disorder is a medical condition, and seeking treatment is essential for managing the symptoms and living a fulfilling life.”

“There are so many people suffering from this mental illness and are looking for support and help from people around them. Happy World Bipolar Day 2023.”

World Bipolar Day Greetings

This day is celebrated to educate people about mental illness and to remove the stigma attached to it. It is also a day to celebrate the strength and resilience of people who live with bipolar disorder. 

If you or someone you know is struggling with bipolar disorder give them World Bipolar Day Greetings and wishes to support them. If you are looking for ways to help people on the day then talk to them or listen to them and make them feel comfortable and secure.

“Wishing a very Happy World Bipolar Day 2023. Mental illness is still a stigma with which we need to fight together.”

World Bipolar Day Greetings

“Sending love and support to all those living with bipolar disorder on this World Bipolar Day 2023. You are not alone.”

“On the occasion of World Bipolar Day, we must join hands to help people suffering from bipolar disorder feel better and healthier.”

“May this World Bipolar Day be a reminder to prioritize mental health, practice self-care, and seek help when needed.”

What is The message of World Bipolar Day?

The message of World Bipolar Day is to promote public awareness about the disease. It can be challenging to live with this mental health condition because it has various effects on different individuals. Yet, some medicines can help people to control their symptoms and lead normal lifestyles.


The purpose of World Bipolar Day is to increase knowledge and understanding of the bipolar disorder. The day is also a celebration of those who have bipolar disorder and a day to let them know they are not alone.

World Bipolar Day Quotes, Messages, and greetings from individuals who suffer from bipolar disorder or have been affected by it are shared in honor of the day. To make people aware of bipolar disease on this particular day, we respectfully request you take a moment to like, comment, and share this article.

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