World Motorcycle Day Quotes, Wishes & Messages (June 21st)

World Motorcycle Day Quotes are to celebrate the joy of riding a motorcycle and promote safety. Every year on 21 June the day is celebrated all over the world. People all over the world celebrate the day by sharing all the thing motorcycle offer us. And promote safety to avoid accidents. 

There are many ways to celebrate the day. One of the best ways is to take a long drive with your friends or loved ones. Or you can share World Motorcycle Day Quotes, wishes, and messages on your social media platform to show others about the day.

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World Motorcycle Day Quotes

World Motorcycle Day is a day to celebrate the freedom, excitement, and sense of adventure that come with riding motorcycles. The day is for all motorcycle lovers around the world who share a passion for open roads and enjoy the ride. This is not just a form of transportation but also a way of life for middle-class families. These World Motorcycle Day Quotes will help you celebrate the thrill and adventure of riding a motorcycle.

“I enjoy going on motorcycle trips and stopping in small towns and enjoying drinks with the locals.” – George Clooney

World Motorcycle Day Quotes

“Animals travel on all fours. Mankind on two. Motorcycling is not a means of transport but an ideology, a nomadic way of life.” – Amit Reddy

“I look my best when I take my helmet off after a long motorcycle ride. I have a glow and a bit of helmet hair.” – Eric Bana

“Passing my motorcycle theory test gave me a disproportionate feeling of greatness.” – James McAvoy

World Motorcycle Day Quotes

“I respect motorcycles so much. They’ve come such a long way. It’s amazing!” – Michiel Huisman

“I’m a decent sprinter and I can gun a motorcycle from zero to suicidal in less than ten seconds.” – Mira Grant

World Motorcycle Day Quotes

“I really love to ride my motorcycle. When I want to just get away and be by myself and clear my head, that’s what I do.” – Kyle Chandler

“If you want to be happy for a day, drink. If you want to be happy for a year, marry. If you want to be happy for a lifetime, ride a motorcycle.” – MindsQuotes

“Driving a motorcycle is like flying. All your senses are alive.” – Hugh Laurie

“A motorcycle ride melts away the frustration of life in less than a mile.” – Armand Ensanian

“Being on stage and on a motorcycle are two of the only places I feel comfortable and free. Those are my happy places.” – Brantley Gilbert

World Motorcycle Day Wishes

“Wishing everyone who loves to speed through the long clear road a very happy World Motorcycle Day.”

World Motorcycle Day Wishes

“The best way to describe a motorcycle is a two-wheeled freedom machine. World Motorcycle Day!”

“How can we not love something that carries us to our destination? Motorcycles do that! Have a happy World Motorcycle Day everybody!”

“Motorcycles are amazing and you can feel them taking care of your ride when you take care of them. Happy World Motorcycle Day!”

“Motorcycles are like women: they’re beautiful, they’re dangerous, and they’ll make you broke. World Motorcycle Day 2023”

“Hey, bikers! Wishing a very World Motorcycle Day to all those who love to drop the gear and disappear!”

World Motorcycle Day Messages

“Connect your heart to your bike and fall in love with it and your heart will never break. Have a happy World Motorcycle Day everybody!”

World Motorcycle Day Messages 

“My motorcycle gives me wings, takes me to different places and I wish everyone a very happy World Motorcycle Day 2023!”

“Take an off from your routine and go out on a bike riding trip to celebrate the occasion of World Motorcycle Day with high spirits. Warm wishes on this special day to you.”

“Motorcycles are not just machines, they’re a way of life. Happy World MotorCycle Day!”

“Biker lovers have immense love and excitement when it comes to motorcycles which keeps them motivated to ride their bikes. Happy World Motorcycle Day.”

“Biking gives me happiness and I cannot imagine my life without it. Have a very happy World Motorcycle Day everybody!”

Motorcycle Quotes and Sayings

For motorcycle riders and enthusiasts Motorcycle Quotes and sayings are a way to express their feeling about this two-wheeler vehicle. Here we share some of the best quotes and sayings for the day to celebrate and enjoy the ride. Riding a motorcycle is a rebellion that is unique to ride. These Motorcycle Quotes and sayings capture the experience of riding a motorcycle.

“It wasn’t until I went to college and I got my first motorcycle that I understood the thrill of speed.” – Vin Diesel

“God didn’t create metal so that man could make paper clips!” – Harley-Davidson Ad

“I asked God for a bike, but I know God doesn’t work that way. So I stole a bike and asked for forgiveness.” – Emo Philips

“When I was old enough to ride a motorcycle and got my license, I bought a ’69 Sportster.” – Chuck Zito

“A motorcycle functions entirely in accordance with the laws of reason, and a study of the art of motorcycle maintenance is really a miniature study of the art of rationality itself.” – Robert M. Pirsig

“The perfect man? A poet on a motorcycle.” – Lucinda Williams

“Although motorcycle riding is romantic, motorcycle maintenance is purely classic.” – Robert M Pirsig

“I am out of practice at living. You are as brave as a motorcycle.” – Anne Sexton

“It’s about the time I was riding my Motorcycle, going down a mountain road at 150 miles an hour, playing my guitar.” – Arlo Guthrie

Motorcycle Rider Quotes to Inspire You

Motorcycles Rider Quotes to inspire you to achieve your freedom and individuality. Riding a motorcycle is a passion and an expression of a lifestyle for many riders. These quotes are for those who love motorcycle and all the thing it brings into our life. Enjoy the adventurous day with your favorite motorcycle.

“You do not need a therapist if you own a motorcycle, any kind of motorcycle!” – Dan Aykroyd

“I want to ride my motorcycle up the side of the Luxor to the light and vanish.” – Criss Angel

“My dad is a motorcycle guy, not some Hollywood dude.” – Shia LaBeouf

“I don’t really feel like going for a ride today. Said no motorcycle rider ever.” – MindsQuotes

“You know, Motorcycle Diaries has no incredible stories, no sudden plot twists, it doesn’t play that way. It’s about recognizing that instance of change and embracing it.” – Gael Garcia Berna

“When I was 16, everyone else got a car; I got a motorcycle.” – Jason Priestley


This blog post is about World Motorcycle Day Quotes, Wishes, and Messages to celebrate the joy of riding a motorcycle. The day is to honor this two-wheeler and all the joy it gives us. Like and Share this post on the internet to celebrate the day with all motorcycle lovers in the world. Comment us what are your favorite motorcycle and a memory of the motorcycle.

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